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3 Unique Pieces to Stand Out From the Crowd

One of the best things about smoke gear is that it’s not hard to stand out from the crowd. A lot of gear is unique, personalized, and super creative. It’s one of those industries where artists thrive, and there’s so much room for creativity in the production and purchasing process.

If you want your collection to stand out, it’s easy to find one of a kind pieces, and even gear that is decorated in a way that really speaks to your soul.

So, everytime you use it, it brings a certain level of joy to the experience.

It’s really a beautiful thing!

If you’re looking for some more unique items to add to your set of gear, check out some of my recommendations.


A funky and creative handpipe is one of the best ways to satisfy your unique curiosity in glass collection. Because hand pipes are more simple, and often smaller than other glass options - the art can really shine. Take this squirrel nest inspired pipe from Empire Glassworks for example. The detail and craftsmanship is incredible, and it also provides a sturdy and durable piece for effective use. From the adorable little squirrel peeking through the slit of his tree to the detail of the grooves in the tree's bark, this piece is one of a kind.


Bubblers on their own are already on the unique side, because they’re a bit of a cross between two worlds - hand pipes and water pipes. You get the benefits of water filtration without all the extra bells and whistles. But this Valentine's Day Locket bubbler takes an even more unique spin with the detail in the art. Standing at 6.5 inches tall with a soft pink color throughout, this bubbler is perfect if your aesthetic is soft and elegant. Grab this one for a holiday gift or to add to your own personal shelf!


Do you know anyone with a pipe made of stone? If you’re really trying to stand out, mixing up the material your piece is made from can be a great way to find truly unique pieces. These Onyx pipes are made from a crystal called onyx and they come in varying sizes and with assorted colors, finishes, and designs. Onyx is a crystal associated with protective properties and said to shield the owner from negativity and help to ground them. If you’re involved in the crystal world, this is the perfect way for you to express yourself through your smoke collection!

Ready to stand out? Check out all of these options and more from our inventory. While these picks are a great starting point, to really find something that speaks to you and feels unique and special to your specific personality, you’re going to need to do some hunting. Stop in to any of our locations or check out our online inventory for options!