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4 Pieces You Need for Summer

4 Pieces You Need for Summer

Temps are rising, the sun is staying out until 9 pm, and pool parties are in full swing. Summertime is here in Central PA - and Smokin’ is stocked with everything you need to make this summer one to remember.

It’s the season for smoking outdoors, transporting your pieces to the hangout, and lugging your glass on the hike or kayaking trip. So it might be time to upgrade your collection in light of the new season.

Check out these 4 pieces that are perfect for summer!


These bright and colorful heady pipes are perfect to take on your next outdoor adventure. They’re small, but not “burn your face with the lighter'' small. Local artist, PMACK based out of Lancaster incorporated the most beautiful swirls of tie dye. Pair this with a dime bag carrying case and you’re set to go for the rest of summer!


Nothing screams summer vibes more than a tie dye pineapple, am I right? This design paired with the pretty little “maple” leaf makes for a perfect summer addition to your shelf collection. If you want something new for summer, but prefer the beaker style smoking tools - this one is perfect for you.


Arguably the most summer-esque item on this list, this little melting ice cream cone is not only adorable - but largely practical. The flat bottom base means it sits real nice during use, and it’s silicone so there’s no chance of breakage when you whip it out to use at the top of a hike. 


If you need something for concentrates, try out a new mini rig by Encore to take with you on your adventures. A simple affordable mini rig is sometimes the best purchase decision if you’re someone who uses concentrates and will be finding yourself outdoors a lot this season. It’s tiny enough to be travel friendly, and the bent neck aids in it’s easy-to-use functioning. 

You don’t have to keep using that tiny handpipe you’ve had for 10 years this summer! Upgrade to something a little more durable this summer. Stop in to any of our locations to check out our ever expanding collection. You’re sure to find the perfect piece.

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