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3 Different Ways to Use Concentrates

3 Different Ways to Use Concentrates

Concentrates are such a popular option among our customers and staff, that we make sure to carry everything you might need for this method of smoking. From accessories to full blown rigs and pipes - we’ve got it all. Some find concentrates a little more complicated than traditional dry material, and often you need a few more tools on hand to fully experience it. 

But similarly to smoking dry, you have a few different options for getting the job done with concentrates. Depending on your comfort level and needs, one method might work better for you than others. 

Keep reading to find out which method fits you:

Rig Set-Up

You can use a water pipe for concentrates in a similar way to how you use it for dry materials - but there are a few differences. First, you need a banger rather than a head piece. Instead of heating up the product directly with a lighter, you’ll need to heat up the glass with a torch in order to “cook” the concentrate before inhaling. This is a great option if you want water filtration!

Nectar Collector

Comparable to a hand pipe for dry material, a nectar collector is a great way to use concentrates on the go. This one has a body made of silicone, and the tip (that you heat up) is titanium. After you heat the tip, you “dip it” into your concentrate being held in a silicone container called a slick. While you don’t get filtration with this method, it’s great for travel and ease of use!

Electronic Vaporizers

This most handy and up to date method is the use of an electronic vaporizer. These come in a variety, ranging from small and inexpensive to table top vapes. They all have different features and mechanisms, one of the coolest being app capabilities! The Carta and Puffco are some of our most popular options, equipped with the most current features. 

This is just a brief overview, and I can encourage you to stop in any of our locations to check out our full inventory of options. With concentrates on the rise, we keep up with the demands of our customers - offering them the most current products available.

You’re bound to find something you love, even if that means one of each for different needs on different days!

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