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4 Inconspicuous Smoke Products for Family Gatherings

4 Inconspicuous Smoke Products for Family Gatherings

It’s Thanksgiving this week in the U.S which means many of us are flying back home, visiting with family, and gathering for our various traditions with our extended families. The dynamic of our families can vary so much, but a lot of us find it necessary to hide certain things from Aunt Sally or our great-grandma. 

Have you seen the memes about “taking a walk” before Thanksgiving dinner? Here’s what you’ll need for that!

Keep reading for our recommendations on the perfect smoke products to accompany you to your various family gatherings this week - all inconspicuous and easy to travel.

You're welcome in advance.

Pulsar Mobi Battery

A prefilled cartridge might be the best option for the holidays! Because it’s a vaporizer, there’s no combustion or “smoke” - and the Pulsar Mobi is tiny meaning it’s very easily concealable. It also has variable voltage settings, and it features a really convenient preheat function so you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting around. A few quick preheated puffs, and you’re good to go!

Grav Mini Pipe

If you’re not the vaping type, consider grabbing one of these adorable mini pipes by Grav. The smooth mint color is what sold me, but it’s also the perfect size to allow keeping it tucked away in a bag. Don’t sacrifice quality just because you want something small - these pipes by Grav are tiny AND high quality glass. 

Grav Chillum

Even more inconspicuous than their pipe, we also carry Grav’s circular chillum. It’s a sneaky method of smoking, because it doesn’t overtly look like something one would smoke out of. That’s why it’s perfect for the holidays! Load it up and sneak a couple of puffs before dinner, and then slip it right back into your pocket. 

Beach Bum Sherlock

Finally, the least inconspicuous of all is this mini sherlock pipe with beach bum decal. While this pipe is a little more obvious, it’s super easy to travel with. It gives you a little more room to pack your product, with a little extra room for the smoke to cool down on each hit. Pair it with an appropriately sized dime bag carrying case, and you have the perfect smoke gear to travel with you back home. 

We’re gearing up for the holidays, and we know this time of year can be stressful. But don’t worry - Excitement’s got your back. Stop in to any of our locations before the big meal, and we’ll make sure you’re good to go. And keep this in mind for next month when you need a gift idea!

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