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5 Must Have Accessories for Smoking Dry

5 Must Have Accessories for Smoking Dry

In a world where concentrates and vaping seem to be on the rise, some of us still prefer to stick to the classic dry material and glass pipe. Is this you? Do you prefer the experience of dry material over concentrates? Maybe you adore both, and appreciate them both for their differences.

Either way, if you’re someone who enjoys smoking dry - you need these 5 accessories in your life. They can enhance your typical experience so much! And if you already have some of the items on this list, maybe you could use an upgrade.


Rolling your own is a classic way to consume dry material, and it can be easy and super convenient. Plus - our wrap case has a huge variety of styles and flavors. Find your favorite and stick with it, or try a variety and switch it up!


There’s no smoking dry without a grinder! This tool makes your entire life so much easier, and having a good one can be a game changer. Check out these Tsunami grinders for a smooth and clean grind!


Skip the butane in your pipe by using hemp wick! It gives you a cleaner flame to light your material with, and you can wrap it around your favorite lighter for easy access. Upgrade your smoking experience with this simple and cheap purchase!


Speaking of lighters, RAW clippers are a huge favorite of our customers and staff. Instead of buying a pack of BICs every few weeks after losing all of them before they’re empty - grab a refillable clipper by RAW!


Smoking dry can get a little dirty. Keep all the ash in one place with these stylish silicone ashtrays by Eyce. They come in a few different colors, and they’re the perfect size to empty out your pipes, head pieces or ash from your rollies. Keep one near your smoke spot for easy use!

We have all these items and more in stock at any of our locations. If you’re wondering what else is offered, your best bet is to stop in and check out our ever expanding inventory! Our staff is ready and able to assist you in any of your shopping needs.

We can’t wait to have you!

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