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5 of Our Current Faves - Hand Pipe Edition

5 of Our Current Faves - Hand Pipe Edition

Are you in the market for a new hand pipe?

Hand pipes are an amazing and versatile way to consume your smokables. They can be durable, affordable, and really portable! They’re small enough to fit in your bag (or inside a Dime Bag specifically designed for hand pipes) and easy enough to pass around and take with you on your travels.

They’re hits are a bit more direct, and less filtered without any percolation or water - but they can produce less smoke if you’re not one for a giant water pipe rip.

We have a giant selection of hand pipes available, and they come in some of the coolest designs!

Keep reading to see 5 of our current faves in the handpipe case.

Double Headed Cherry

This handpipe is definitely up there on the list of unique options in the store! It’s intricately designed, with a double feature in the packable part of the piece. So you get double the space, double the power, and double the hit. Beyond the most obvious feature of this hand pipe, it also has some beautiful colors, and an amazing leaf accent that ties it all together.

Mini Mushroom

If you’re looking for something simple but adorable - this mini mushroom pipe is for you. It’s simple and portable in its size, but it features this cute little accent of a mushroom head at the top. This is a perfect pipe to pick up if you need something affordable and easy, but don’t want to sacrifice the aesthetic!

Spotted Green Pipe

It might be hard to see, but this beautifully green pipe is also slightly spotted throughout its body. The matte green color, along with the spots gives this guy a special niche kind of vibe. If you get it, you get it! This pipe also is a really nice size with an easy to hold handle and a deep packable space. All around, this is a classic build with a little bit of flare.

Blue Sparkles

Looking for some more pizzazz? Check out these sparkles! This uniquely styled pipe appears to be filled with these beautiful royally blue sparkles that add so much to the overall vibe of the piece. This, along with its functional features of a nice long handle and deep packable space makes this pipe great for someone looking for both functionality and a little bit of spice.


Aleaf Dark Pipe

Keeping with the sparkly theme, this high quality pipe from ALeaf is made sturdy and durable and features a nice dark-mode style gradient throughout the whole piece. This is a great option if you’re looking for something on the higher-end, without breaking the bank. Give your smoke time a more sophisticated feel with this one!

Any of these pique your interest? Stop into any of our Excitement Smokin’ locations to check out the inventory. And don’t forget to chat with our friendly and knowledgeable staff if you have any questions about our products.

You’re sure to go home with something new and useful to add to your collection!

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