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The Best Filtration Focused Water Pipes

The best part about using water pipes to smoke is that clear and clean hit you get every time you light it up. Even if it’s just a beaker style pipe with water at the bottom - that water is filtering your smoke into a cleaner and nicer-feeling hit every time! But some pipes go the extra step with filtration and have built in percolators that filter your smoke even deeper.

The following are some of my favorite picks for pipes if your preferences lean toward percs and extra filtration.

So keep reading to find a new water pipe that is perfect for you!


First on the list is a pipe that, to me, screams simplicity and symmetry. There’s something very classic and elegant about this straight tube style - and its 3 tiered triple turbine style percolator gives you a triple threat in the filtration department. Plus, you get the clout of the Pulsar decal, along with its high quality assurance. Grab this one if you want a focus on filtration and high quality without all the fancy additions!


If you fancy something with a little more flare, this mushroom themed pipe from Lookah is the perfect pick for you. It features double percolation with beautiful pastel-like colors and gorgeous art all throughout the piece. A lower egg-shaped chamber houses the mushroom-shaped percolator with three pipes rising out and leading to a disc percolator before the glass narrows towards the top and comes to rest at the mouthpiece. Grab this one if you want filtration and creative art in your water pipe.


Keep your flame a safe distance from your face with this sturdy water pipe from Thick Ass Glass. If you couldn’t guess, this borosilicate glass comes thick, and it also features a bent neck and matrix diffuser. Plus, the flat bottom prevents tipping, giving you a steady feel during use. Check this one out if you’re looking for style, safety, durability, and filtration all rolled into one pipe!

If you’re ready to upgrade your piece to something with extra percolation, we’ve got you covered. Stop in to any of our locations or browse a huge selection of water pipes from our online inventory. If you have questions, our knowledgeable staff is available and ready to help. Happy smoking!