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4 Smoking Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

4 Smoking Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

You probably already know what you need for a basic smoking set up. Depending on your preferences, needs, and whether you’re smoking dry or concentrates - you should have a basic rig, pipe and a lighter or torch. 

But what else is out there that could make your smoking life a little easier or more streamlined? What cool accessories or hacks can we offer you to make your time more enjoyable? In a previous article I wrote about life hacks for smokers, and now I’d love to share 4 products we carry that you might not have considered before:


This smell proof container beautifully blends the ability to grind and store your product. It’s so convenient to be able to pack, grind and carry it with you in a compact and portable container! It holds up to 5 grams of product and comes in multiple colors.


At first glance this might seem like any other ashtray, but that spike in the middle makes this product so special! Instead of vigorously tapping out your pipe on a glass tray (and risking a crack or complete destruction) you can pick out your ash with the spike! And since it’s all made of silicone, there’s no damage risk to your pipe.

Dime Bags

Transporting glass can be treacherous, but not with the line of dime bags we carry! These stylish bags are specifically designed with your pipes and pieces in mind. Choose between these 3 beautiful options, and don’t forget to check out the different style and size options.

Rig Mat

These graphic mats are perfect for your water pipe or rig set-up. Rather than setting them on a table, these rubber mats hold your pipes in place for lower risk smoking sessions. We carry so many different options, so you’re bound to find a style that matches your personal aesthetic.

As you can see, Smokin’ carries a wide variety of products. It’s not just pipes and papers anymore! Something on this list you hadn’t heard of before? Stop in to any of our locations and check out our awesome inventory of smoking necessities.

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