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4 of Our Favorite Straight Tube Water Pipes

4 of Our Favorite Straight Tube Water Pipes

As you probably already know, water pipes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There’s beakers, round bases, percolators, recyclers, multi-chambered and - straight tubes! In deciding which style would suit you best it’s important to consider both aesthetics and functionality. You’ll want to consider not only what pleases your eyes but what you’re looking to get out of your new piece. Are you looking for more filtration? Look for percolators. Are you looking for something that won’t fall off your treacherous night stand so easily? Look for a solid, flat base. Consider what YOU need, and you’re sure to go home happy.

If straight tubes are your cup of tea, keep reading for 4 of our current favs at Excitement Smokin’.


This tall and sturdy water pipe is American made and sure to be long lasting. While essentially all glass is “breakable”, the scientific glass from Medicali paired with the sturdy design of this pipe gives you assurance that with a little bit of care, this pipe will last you. The length of the neck gives the smoke a long time to cool down before reaching your lungs, so function is of the essence here. Pick this guy up if you’re about reliability!

Linda Biggs Art

This straight tube featuring the mystical art of Linda Biggs is nothing short of beautiful. The pipe itself is big and proud - and the art featured throughout the piece is giving huge cottage-core vibes with a creepy twist. The green accents of the glass blend perfectly with the fairy portrait! Get your hands on this work of art before it’s gone, and if you love the design you’ll also love the Linda Biggs trays and mats we carry!


This mini straight tube is too cute to pass up. It’s got all the benefits of a straight tube design packed into a little mini version. With a flat base and large head piece, it will stand still and hold a lot of product at once. The shorter neck doesn't allow for much cool-down time, but if you take it slow the hit will still be pristine. Grab this if you’re short on space, but love the straight tube design.

Glasslab 303

Similar to the mini encore pipe, this smaller straight tube by Glasslab is a perfect addition to your collection if you’re a little tight on space. While still relatively “mini” this water pipe has a longer neck, giving you more cool-down time for your hits. It also features a percolator so you still get some filtration in every hit. Pick up this piece if you want a solid, filtered water pipe that won’t take up your whole shelf. 

At Excitement, we love a good straight tube water pipe. They’re sturdy, solid and simply functional without being boring. Our shelves are heavily stocked with a huge variety of options ranging from water pipes, to rolling trays and we’re happy to help you find the perfect item for you. Stop in and have a chat with us!

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