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MAV 18" x 9mm Straight Tube Water Pipe

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MAV's reliable 18" 9mm thick glass Straight Water Pipe is where many start their glass collection already thinking of the prolonged life your bong will have to simplify your smoking experience that is above and beyond basic dry pipes and joints.

Just add water, your favorite flower, concentrate, and draw clouds from the bowl through the diffuser in the downstem and into the long straight chamber, where it will percolate and soften your inhale. For a finishing touch and refreshing cooling effect, drop some ice cubes down the neck to the ice pinch.

The straight is an ideal 18" tall, just the right size for an at-home go-to piece and daily driver, and the 9mm thick glass will ease your mind knowing it's built with extra durability.


  • 18" tall
  • 9mm thickness
  • 115mm base diameter
  • 19mm female joint
  • 4" downstem included
  • 14mm bowl included
  • Ice pinch