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White Rhino Directional Carb Cap

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Are you looking for an innovative way to get the most out of your dab seshes? Look no further than White Rhino's Directional Carb Cap! This directional dab cap allows for advanced control over your materials and direction, enabling you to direct the air flow in a particular direction inside the banger with ease. This advanced technology is designed to bring a higher level of control to those serious about their sessions – take your sessions up another notch with this one-of-a-kind carb cap!

The carb cap is designed for use with most standard sized bangers and is made from high quality glass. With its directional capabilities, it's never been easier to customize your experience and get exactly what you want out of each session. The White Rhino Directional Carb Cap offers convenience and precision like you've never experienced before!

Whether you're a dabbing professional or just getting started, the Directional Carb Cap is the perfect accessory and will quickly become an essential part of your setup.

Banger not included