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Lookah Microscope Recycler 7.4" Glass Dab Rig Water Pipe

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This stunning water pipe is a delightful interpretation of the scientific style. From the angled mouthpiece and neck right down to that raised puck-shaped base, this sublime water pipe with its microscope theme has an air of sophistication crossed with scientific panache.

A tree perc recovery features an eight-arm tree percolator, each arm containing three cracks and an open bottom smooth design.

As you inhale your smoke through all the tree perc slits, it is filtered and cooled down before entering the distinctive shape of the neck and mouthpiece. This water pipe has a recycling design that's one of a kind. The water circulation throughout the block maximizes flavor and makes for cool-looking glass that's sure to deliver.

Sold as assorted colors.

Borosilicate glass
400 grams
Bowl Size:
14mm male banger
Base Size: