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GRAV® Large Beaker Base Water Pipe

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You like big beakers and you cannot lie which is why you'll love the GRAV® Large Beaker with Black Accents. The crystal clear glass with black accents lets you watch as you build up massive hits in the Beaker's long chamber. But never fear those hits will stay smooth because the fission downstem diffuses smoke through water first and the downstem is removable for easy cleaning. You'll also enjoy the geometric pressed pinch that acts as both a splash guard and an ice catcher as well as the included 14mm GRAV® Funnel Slide that holds a generous amount of flower. All you need to add is about 2.5" of water and you're ready to engage in your favorite pursuit of knowledge. The labels for this piece come in assorted colors. You may receive black white blue green red purple yellow orange or etch.