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Which Vapes Are Worth The Hype?

Vapes are all the rage these days, and for good reason. They can offer lots of folks increased convenience, comfort, and access compared to more traditional methods - and sometimes we just prefer the feeling over fire and smoke.

But since vapes have hit the market, we’ve only really seen a rise; And this popularity results in a lot of different options. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, look no further. This week I’ll break down a few of the options available, from dry vapes to concentrate vapes so you know which ones are worth checking out.

Puffco New Peak Pro Smart Rig

At the top of the list here is the Puffco Peak - because this smart rig seems to just do it all. It might be the most high-tech vape on the market with its single-button interface, deep customization via the Puffco Connect app, and patented 3D Chamber.

From its real-time temp control to its 3D chamber that heats all around instead of just from the bottom - you get everything you need in this concentrate vape. This one is definitely worth the hype, and worth the investment if you prefer something high tech.

Pulsar APX Vape V3 Dry Vaporizer

If you’re interested in a dry vaporizer, might I suggest the Pulsar APX V3 vape? It’s their new and improved version that offers maximized space in the chamber without sacrificing the portability of the product. You’re able to pack enough product in while still keeping your vape in your pocket.

It also features an LED screen and haptic feedback features to keep you informed of battery life, temperature, and setting. You’re always in the know, and always have your smoke on you! Grab this one if you need a vape for your dry stuff.

Yocan Uni Pro Battery

And finally, if you’re just looking for a battery to stick your pre-filled cartridge on - look no further than the Yocan Uni Pro. Rather than a simple stick battery that may or may not work when you need it to - this upgraded battery has an adjustable chamber height and width, a 510-threaded magnetic connection, and a sleek and compact design.

And don’t worry - it’s variable voltage so you get the exact temp that you need for any given cart. If you’re into vaping the pre-filled carts - this one's for you!

Are you team vaporizer? Stop in to any of our locations or check out our online inventory to browse the many options we have. Whether you’re new to the vape game, wanting to upgrade or just need a change, we’re sure to have something that will work for you.