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Tools You Need for Outdoor Smoking This Summer

Summer is upon us, and it’s the season of enjoying your smoke sesh in the great outdoors. By a waterfall, on a kayak, in the woods, or at the BBQ - smoking outside is just a different vibe and feels so good in the summer weather!

Sometimes outdoor smoking might require some different gear to make the process smoother and more enjoyable.

It might be time to switch up your tools because lugging around a giant 3 tier straight tube water pipe isn’t quite the move for summertime.

So if you’re in need of new summertime specific gear, keep reading for some recommendations!

Silicone Straw with Titanium Tip

Concentrates don’t have to involve a bulky rig - You can take your concentrates on a hike easily with this nectar collector! The best part about this pick is the virtually unbreakable silicone straw and titanium tip. You don’t have to worry about glass breaking in your bag or an accidental drop while adventuring.

Plus, this option requires minimal tools so you can focus on the activity or function of the summer. Bring your concentrates along worry-free!

GRAV® Pebble Spoon

One of the easiest ways to bring your smoke sesh outdoors is with a simple handpipe. This pebble spoon by Grav makes it even easier with its small, rounded shape! You could probably even fit this one in your pocket, that’s how portable it is.

It has that well-known Grav quality and comes in a few different colors so you can find one that really fits your vibe. Plus, it perfectly matches any outdoor adventure with its likeness to a little rock, how cute?

PAX Mini Dry Vaporizer

If you want to get techy with your outdoor smoking adventures, the PAX Mini Dry Vaporizer is for you. This dry vape is small, compact and offers up to 2 hours of continuous heating with a single charge so you can take it with you on short or long excursions. It also has patented temperature control technology to give you the best flavor and potency without any combustion.

Simple and effective, a dry material vape is a great option for summer. Grab this pick if you prefer vaping over smoking!

Summer is a great time to upgrade your smoke gear. Tweak your routine, grab some new tools and before you know it you’re ready to take on the summer with gear that works for you and your lifestyle this season.

Happy adventuring!