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5 Must-Have Concentrate Accessories

5 Must-Have Concentrate Accessories

Concentrates are as popular as ever these days! More and more of our customers are switching their preferences from dry materials to concentrates. While it can be more efficient, in order to get the most out of your product you are going to need more than rjust a pipe and a lighter.
But no worries! We are here to help. Already have a rig set-up but need the tools to go along with it? Just starting out and need the whole shabang? .. Excitement’s inventory is stacked full with everything you need! Check out these 5 must have accessories for concentrates :)

Concentrate Tool

A tool can make the whole process of using concentrates way easier. They are super versatile! Use it for poking, scooping, stirring, etc. We have so many stylish and fun options to choose from including glass-blown or titanium metal.


Take your product with you easily! We have slicks for storage or transportation in so many colors, sizes, and styles. 


Cut your heat up time in half when using a rig by upgrading your torch! Cheaper, disposable torches are great if you are in a pinch. However, they can take forever to heat up your banger. Consider investing in something a little more heavy duty. It will save you time and last you much longer.

Carb Cap

Customize your rig with a glass blown carb cap! Carb caps are used by covering the top of your banger in order to regulate airflow and prevent heat from escaping the surface. We have a huge selection of different styles, colors, and shapes. Find one that matches the colors in your rig, or, one that just speaks to you :)


Do you want to ditch the heat up process all together? E-nails can take your whole experience to the next level. This high-tech version of a traditional nail will heat up to a customized temperature electronically! We have all-in-one kits or E-nails that attach to your water pipe.

Having all the right tools at your disposal makes using concentrates that much easier. We are here to help you make the process easy and streamlined. 

We are also stocking our stores with the newest styles to make customizing your collection fun! However, our inventory does change often so make sure to stop in and check out our current options!

Stop in and check out our constantly updated collection! 
Follow our Instagram @iloveexcitementsmoke for all the latest product arrivals! 

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