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Wakit Grinders KLR Tree Goddess Electric Grinder

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Meet the Wakit™ Grinder, the rechargeable electric kitchen grinder with patented ball & chain technology that mills and preps your condiments, spices, and dry herbs in seconds to acquire anywhere from a coarse consistency to a fine texture simply thorough the use of quick short taps to the top-down pressure cap.

This Wakit™ Grinders Lucid design is the best electric grinder accessory that every foodie, chef, or connoisseur must have! With this grinder, you can operate your mobile phone and mill in seconds simply with one hand. Let the Wakit™ Grinders‘ patented ball and chain milling technology do all the work! With one to two quick short taps, you’ll have ground condiments in seconds with very little effort. This grinder features a lithium-ion battery that is easily recharged with the included micro-USB cable. Be one of the first in your crew to have a Wakit™.

Wakit™ Grinders’ technology makes it the perfect kitchen companion and prepping tool, as it comes assembled and it is easy to use. It has become a favorite among people with dexterity challenges or other health conditions like arthritis, carpel tunnel, osteoarthritis, or people who are missing limbs, as Wakit™ Grinders is activated by simply pressing down on the pressure cap; milling and making prepping condiments, herbs, and spices an easy task in a matter of seconds. Using the Wakit™ Grinder is not only a time-saver, but it’s also fun to use!


  • Quick Tap to the Cap: Place your hand on the Wakit™ Cap and use a quick short tap for a coarse consistency, like it finer? Add another quick short tap, the more you tap it the finer the consistency.
  • Durable Drone Motor: Tapping the Wakit™ cap activates a drone motor housed inside the unit, but it’s what is connected to the motor that makes the magic
  • Beaded Chain Technology: A single beaded chain is connected to a touch-activated drone motor. The chain spins creating a vortex shaving the herb from the thick stems creating a perfect texture
  • It's Rechargeable: Powered by a lithium battery the Wakit™ Grinder comes with a Micro-USB charging cable. An indicator light lets you know when Wakit™ is fully charged
  • LED Lights: Wakit™ KLR has LED lights that light up herb chamber during grinding so you can experience the process up close and personal
  • Easy To Clean: Wakit™ Grinder is easy to clean. Simply use a moist towelette to clean the herb chamber


  • 1 Wakit™ KLR (clear) Electric Kitchen Grinder – Tree Goddess Design
  • 1 Micro USB charging cable
  • 1 User Manual
  • Note: Wakit™ Grinders KLR does not come with a tray or bottom cover. A small 3″ round tray is sold separately as an accessory.


  • Weight: 0.075 oz
  • Dimensions: 3 × 3 × 4.75 in