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Vibes King Size Cones

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Vibes King Size Cones are perfect for smokers who want a premium smoking experience. These cones are made with high-quality rice, hemp, or ultra-thin paper that burns evenly and smoothly, delivering a great taste every time.Each pack contains 3 cones that are easy to fill and ready to smoke.


  • 3 cones per box
  • Available in Rice, Hemp, Organic Hemp, or Ultra Thin
  • King Size Cones
  • Even and Slow Burning
Rice Cones
Vibes King Size Rice Cones are geared for those that want a slower burning paper over all else. Rice paper burns slower than hemp making for extended sessions. With the added length of the King Size Vibes Cones you’ll be able to hunker down and appreciate your materials flavor.
Ultra Thin Cones
The Vibes Ultra Thin Cones - King Size offer the thinnest paper available for a king size cone. By using such thin paper your sessions won’t be sullied by “paper smoke” overpowering your dry herb’s smoke. These king size cones offer the best flavor experience of the three options.
Hemp Cones
The King Size Vibes Hemp Cones offer a classic cone experience. The natural hemp paper of the King Size Vibes Cones is thin enough for your material’s flavor to flourish and will burn slowly and evenly to ensure a comprehensive session.