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Satya Incense Sticks

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Satya's incense blends are handcrafted and hand-rolled in the Indian masala tradition using ingredients of the highest purity and quality. These blends feature a predominant aromatic ingredient, supported by complementary notes that aid in its wholesome expression. These blends are ideal for those seeking ingredient-based experiences and benefits.

  • Sold as twelve (12) 15g sticks per box
Imagery Evoked
Key Notes
The tune of a distant melody
De-stressing, Spicy
The everlasting fragrance of the Champa flora incense helps align the senses into a state of concentration and balance. It relieves fatigue and helps alleviate insomnia.
Meditation Flora
Prayer bells ringing at a distance
Alert, Undisturbed
The Meditation incense blend helps alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety and develop mental strength. Use it to attain deep states of relaxation and compassion.
Nag Champa
Dew drops on a leaf on a misty morning
Earthy, Harmonizing
The exotic Nag Champa blend is known to cleanse spaces and purify the atmosphere. The aromatic incense is a great tool for meditation and reaching states of deep relaxation.
Positive Vibes Flora
The bright light shining within yo
Neutralizing, Inspiring
The Positive Vibes incense blend helps in creating a positive outlook through the day. This blend is perfect to use on a bad day or to begin one’s day by inviting the universe to send you good vibes.
Spiritual Healing Flora
Attaining a state of zen
Immersive, Sacred
The Spiritual Healing blend is known to harmonize energy imbalances in the user’s aura and create a joyful environment that promotes self-love and acceptance.
Super Hit Flora
The first rays of the sun striking the peak of a mountain
Uplifting, Sweet
Delightful to the olfactory sense, the Super Hit blend opens the soul up to positive energy and calms the air you breathe.