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Ooze Slugger Dabbin' Dugout Silicone Travel Dab Kit

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Taking your dab session to go has always been a hassle, until NOW! The Slugger Dabbin' Dugout is an all-in-one kit that keeps your concentrates neat, tidy, organized, and accessible anywhere. It packs up into a flat, rectangular shape that really does not look like it's a smoking accessory, and especially not a complete dab rig. The main component of the Slugger is the body, which is a storage system that houses all the smaller parts, and is used to dab out of. It includes a silicone dab straw, a glass nail, a titanium nail, and a small glass dish on the top to dab out of. You can store up to 4 different strains of wax in the storage slots along the side. Assemble the dab straw by inserting one of the nails into the end of the straw. Heat the nail with a torch (not included), and then dab right out of the glass dish. Because this piece is made of extremely heat-resistant silicone, you can pop the hot nail right off back into its storage compartment when you're done. No need to risk burning your fingers or waiting for it to cool down!

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