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Medicali 9mm Extra Thick 14" Straight Water Pipe

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The extra thick Medicali® 9Mil Straight Tube is 14” tall and made with 9Mil by 50mm tubing and Schott Boro Artistic Glass. Its triple pinch is both a splash guard and ice catcher. Its UBER Joint is extra durable and equipped with a 5inch showerhead downstem that forces water and smoke through tight slits, filtering debris. The 14Inch 9Mil water pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm Medicali® Hourglass Bowl and functions best with approximately 4 inches of water.Every tube includes a Medicali® geometry symbol along with a Hologram for authenticity.

  • Height : 14 Inches
  • Joint : 14mm
  • Use With : Flower
  • Comes With : 14mm Hourglass Bowl + 4” Showerhead DownStem
  • Packaged: 20” Branded Medicali Box
  • Designed By : Medicali® Glass
  • Made: Los Angeles California USA
  • Comes with Medicali logo in assorted font and color