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Lookah DJ 7.8" Glass Water Pipe

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When you're pulling out a rig for your next sesh, who better to do the honors than DJ Lookah?

This handy dab rig is one of the simpler, sturdier Lookah pieces (of the usual fantastic quality), making it perfect for everyday and group use. The showerhead perc in the chamber is all that's needed. The wide diameter of the chamber makes plenty of room for extra water. The recycler above spins around and around for another level of goodness. DJ Lookah is looking out for you and yours by spinning out this high-quality glass pipe making each time a delight. This glass rig is one DJ that genuinely rocks and will be sure to make you feel alright!

Sold as assorted colors.

Borosilicate glass
575 grams
Slide Size:
14mm male banger
Base Size: