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King Palm Terpene Infused Flavored Tips 2 Pack

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Enjoy the best alternative to flavored rolling papers with terpene-infused filter tips. Just squeeze and pop to release the sweet flavor! The 7mm size flavored filter tips are ideal for using with rolling papers. They are sourced from naturally grown corn husk, and GMO-free too. King Palm decided to use this type of natural filter tip because of its efficiency, thanks to its unique design. When hand-rolled, it will not let any pieces fall out, and smoke will become less harsh too!

You’ve probably taken a hit from a blunt or joint before and experienced the infamous “Scooby Snacks.” The reason that happened is that the filter tip your wrap was rolled with didn’t actually filter your pulls. King Palm's corn husk filters not only prevent you from inhaling bits of plant, but they also produce a smoother draw.


  • Instead of soaking your raps or rolling papers in artificial flavoring as most companies do, why not turn to all-natural terpenes instead? King Palm uses food-grade plant-derived terpenes that bring out only the best berry-filled flavors. Terpenes are compounds released by various plant species that give the plant its distinct smells. By using these instead of flavor additives, the smells and taste of King Palm’s Berry Terp flavored tips will remind you of the real thing.


  • 2 filter tips (7mm size)