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Happy Kit The Happy Dab Kit Assorted

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The Very Happy Kit for dabs is a surefire way to give yourself a boost of happiness whenever you’re out and about! This smell-proof, hard-shell case holds all the tools necessary for taking dabs anytime, anywhere. Secured inside is a glass dab straw with a titanium nail, two 5ml silicone stash jars, a butane torch lighter, a dab tool, and a dab mat. This is the perfect kit for dab aficionados that love to enjoy their concentrates outside of the house.

  • DAB: The Very Happy Kit for Dabs makes the dabbing experience portable and more accessible than ever. All the tools are secured and protected inside the smell-proof, hard-shell case.
  • TRAVEL KIT: This kit was made to take on the go. Odors are trapped inside to help fly under the radar, and the compact size has plenty of space for the accessories, with room to add extra tools if needed.
  • ESSENTIALS: Dabbing may seem complicated to some, but it doesn’t have to be! The Very Happy Dab Kit includes a 3-piece glass dab straw, a butane torch lighter, two 5ml silicone jars, a dab tool, and a non-stick dab mat.
  • COMPACT: Measuring 8” x 4.5”, this is a compact case that resembles the case for a portable video game player. It has plenty of space for the contents inside but is compact enough to fit in a backpack or large purse.
  • SECURE: The Very Happy Kit for Dabs has two mesh pockets and elastic straps sewn inside to hold all the accessories in place. The risk of cracking or breaking the glass dab straw is way lower when everything is secured before zipping it up.