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Formula 420 Plugs and Bristles and RezBlock Bundle

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A few drops, a plug and a scrub and your piece will stay clean before you even use it. Get this bundle and save over buying the products separately.


  • 1x RezBlock Resin Prevention Concentrate
  • 1x Formula 420 Bristle Cleaners (44 pack)
  • 1x Formula 420 Cleaning Plugs (Set of 3)

RezBlock Resin Prevention Concentrate

RezBlock Resin Prevention makes it harder for resin to build up in your water pipe. A few drops added to any water pipe means your glass and flavors will stay clean! The all-natural ingredients include fruit extracts, vegetable glycerin, purified water, and citric acid.

Formula 420 Bristle Cleaners

Tight squeeze? No problem! Formula 420 Soft Cleaners get into those tight spaces for a superior clean! Bundle includes 44 cleaners.

Formula 420 Cleaning Plugs Set of 3

Cleaning plugs are used to keep formula 420 solutions inside the piece to properly clean. Its easy and efficient and will make the experience of cleaning your piece with ease. In this set of plugs your receiving multiple sizes for your convenience.