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Empire Glassworks Sprinkles Ice Cream Cone 6" Spoon Pipe

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There's something about ice cream that makes you want to just kick off your shoes, change into some comfortable clothes and binge a couple seasons of your favorite show. No? It's just me? Well then.. Ice cream is still a delightful dessert that many people enjoy.

Maybe it's the comfort of having a cold, sweet treat. Or maybe it brings back nostalgic feelings of the good ol' days. Whatever it may be, Empire Glassworks has delivered their delicious version of a childhood favorite. Designed with a left sided carb hole, this ice cream cone is very thick and durable. A great piece for taking on adventures because of it's low key design. They say too much ice cream is not good for you, but what if it's stuffed with a bunch of greens. Now is it really that bad?

  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Intricate Lampwork
  • Left Sided Carb Hole
  • Textured Glass Design
  • Empire Glassworks Stamp
  • Dimensions: 6" L x 2" W; 200 Grams