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Cheech & Chong 8" x 5.75" Rolling Tray Stash Box

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The Cheech & Chong Rolling Tray Stash Box come with a variety of nostalgic designs featuring the iconic stoner duo. Made from lightweight metal, these boxes are perfect for storing money, keys, jewelry, or a pack of cigs and a lighter. These boxes even feature a removeable rolling tray which can be used as a lid to conceal items in the bottom of the storage area. These cool containers will protect your keepsakes from meddling hands, debris, and more.

  • 8 inches by 5.75 inches
  • Metal stash box w/ rolling tray lid
  • Removeable rolling tray
  • Great for money, keys, jewelry, etc.
  • Lightweight & durable container
  • Assorted Cheech & Chong designs