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Chameleon Glass Military Service Label Glass 4" Hand Pipe

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The Military Service Label Glass Pipe is a spoon shaped design that carries the logo of one of the branches of the U.S. Military. Most of you are pleased that this pipe exists, mainly because you get it: You went, or your significant other went, and after 18 months of sending or receiving the emails, calls and letters, you understand, and you’ll never forget it, even if you wanted to. They love you till they hate you. They want you there until they want you gone. You’re told to sleep in the safe zone even though it’s not and you won’t be able to. It’s called post traumatic stress, and no, it’s not a disorder; it’s real and it’s natural for service members to experience it.

We’ve finally gotten to the point where medical professionals are aware that there are medically significant positive effects of therapy with CBD, CBN and/or THC. While you may not be able to speak freely with your VA Doc, there are medical professionals out there that can help our vets navigate the convoluted list of pharmaceutically derived concoctions that are ‘supposed to help’ us return to ‘normal’ life, but are probably not that helpful. We now know conclusively, that with the help of a trained medical professional, some of those scrips might be replaced with the help of Hemp or Cannabis based medicines.

Maybe you are still suspect of why our Veterans are returning home looking for ANYTHING that will help them cope during and after the re-entry phase of returning home. Maybe you are surprised to hear that an average of 22 vets take their own lives everyday. Maybe if you dug into it, you’d find that alternative medicines and therapies are statistically significant in helping relieve PTS during the crucial re-entry into society. Maybe you would discover that our active military is at it’s smallest level since WWII while engagement is at one of it’s highest level in decades, which means deployment is more often for larger amounts of time.

Before you vote to deprive these individuals of the freedom to the medicine they deserve, maybe you should find out for yourself and enlist; North Carolina is a beautiful state and the 82nd are gracious hosts. If you cant find the time in your busy schedule, then get involved in a different way, there’s lots of ways to show your support through volunteerism at the VA and financial support of NGO’s like Weed For Warriors Project, Companions For Heroes, Wounded Warrior Project and any other like minded organization dedicated to the support of our Vets.

Hand Made in USA

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Weight 2.2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 1.5 × 1.5 in

Amber, Black