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SLX Extra Large BFG 88mm 4-Piece Grinder

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The SLX BFG 88mm (3.5 inches) features the same premium features as the original SLX Grinder but fits triple the amount of herbs.

BFG stands for “Big F#%*!ng Grinder” and true to its name this grinder can fit up to 5gr of herbs in one shot. This is truly a game-changer for heavy vapers, as you can spend less time grinding and more time vaping.

The SLX BFG features the same Non-stick Ceramic Coating as the original SLX grinder and the SLX Rolling Tray. SLX products are 100% non-toxic, FDA-approved ceramic coating – ZERO Teflon® or PTFE. SLX Grinders require zero cleaning & maintenance and turning the mill stays smooth and easy for years.


  • BFG 4-Piece is 88mm in diameter.
  • 57 trapezoid-shaped teeth each feature four cutting edges to evenly shred your material into an airy, multi-use grind that falls freely through thoughtfully designed drop-through holes into the chamber below.
  • The proprietary ceramic coating on all surfaces inside and out means no more sticking, no more grinding to a halt
  • 100% non-toxic, FDA-approved ceramic coating - ZERO Teflon® or PTFE
  • Ideal grind for rolling up or packing into glass for a smooth, even burn every time
  • Popular 4-piece design is perfect for pollen collection and storage of ground materials. The easily removable screen gives you options for how many chambers you utilize - options are good!
  • Just ONE set of threads! Machined to the thousandth of an inch and then treated with our unrivaled ceramic coating, you'll never deal with gummy, difficult, mangled threads again when you make the switch to SLX
  • Comfort-designed grips are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also ergonomically efficient even for users with compromised or weakened grip strength
  • Rare Earth magnet enclosure keeps your grinder closed tight in your backpack, pocket, or purse, but opens easily when it's time to grind!


  • 1x SLX v2.5 3.5" BFG88 Ceramic Coat Grinder