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Handy Products Every Smoker Needs

When it comes to smoke gear, the stars of the shows tend to be your glass. Whether it’s your 3ft tall, 4 chambered water pipe or your favorite heady hand pipe - we can tend to overly focus on these big ticket items that are aesthetic and useful. But along with those items, you need tools and items that complement them!

Lucky for you, here at Excitement Smokin’ we have an array of handy items that perfectly accessorize the gear you already have. It's my mission to keep these items from going overlooked, because at the end of the day these are the tools that truly make your life easier. So keep reading to check out some of my favorite handy items!

V Syndicate Dark Traveler Syndicase 2.0 Stash Box

A stash container that doubles as a rolling tray is something every smoker could use. If you frequently roll your own, this is a product that could make your whole routine so much easier. Not only can you fit everything you need in one place, but you can also transport it easily and discreetly. Plus, the decorative lid is a huge plus. Pick this one up if you’re someone who wants a new way to store, roll, and transport your goods!

Puffco Hot Knife Heated Loading Tool

This heated loading tool is perfect if you want to avoid the stress and mess of heating up and loading your concentrates. All you have to do is hold down the button, and your product drops right off in 3 seconds. It has a ceramic tip and features a 30 minute charge time that gives you at least 50 uses. While you might consider this a luxury item, it really can make a difference in time and energy when it comes to your concentrate routine!

Rainbow Swirl Quartz Glass 18mm 90° Ash Catcher

An ash catcher is something any water pipe owner needs - It not only saves you time and energy on cleaning, but it also adds extra filtration to the smoke before every hit. With both style and function, this one features premium quartz glass, an 18mm joint and a mesmerizing rainbow swirl showerhead percolator. If you’re looking to elevate your water pipe experience AND make it more efficient, this is the tool for you!

Ready to amp up your game? We carry all of these items and more here at Excitement Smokin’,so check out our inventory when you’re in need. You won’t be disappointed!