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Add These Tools To Your Collection For Any Occasion

Tools and accessories are so necessary in the smoke world. While a lot of them might be simple, having little add-ons for all your gear can make a world of difference for any occasion. From transportation, to smoking on the go, to properly storing your product - seasoned smokers know that having the right tools to fit your needs can make your life 100x easier.

And while you might need different tools for different occasions, there are some tools that are just no-brainers. These tools fit easily into your lifestyle, and benefit you no matter what your needs are.

So if you’re ready to amplify your collection with accessories, keep reading for some of my top recommendations!


While this is a more complete kit than accessory, I included it here because of the convenience and efficiency of this product. The Red Box 10mm Nectar Collector Kit is an all-in-one kit that is a perfect fit to add to your collection, especially if you travel or smoke on the go. The kit includes a 10 mm glass straw body, glass mouthpiece, both a titanium tip and a glass tip, 1 glass dab dish, and a plastic safety clip - all in one convenient travel case. Make this your roadie smoke kit!


Do you currently use a carb cap with your rig? They are extremely helpful to have on hand if you’re a frequent concentrate user. Carb caps work with bangers to help allow the user to move around the airflow inside the banger to maximize the use of your concentrate material. This bubble cap in particular is spherically shaped, giving you even more leeway to move around the air as you're smoking. Grab this simple but profound tool to elevate your rig!


Arguably one of the most helpful tools that is also widely accessible, the toker poker is one of my faves to suggest. Do you have an old paper clip that you use as a poker? How do you currently store your hemp wick? This simple tool solves all of the most basic problems of smoking at one time. It fits a bic lighter perfectly, includes a fold-out metal poker tool, and features a stainless steel tamper to keep things packed down nice and tight. Plus, you can wrap your hemp wick around the outside so you have all of these things in one place. It’s a no brainer, grab this one on your next shopping trip.


The theme is “all-in-one” and this carb cap & storage hybrid from White Rhino is no exception. The spinner carb works by spinning the air inside your banger in a vortex-like motion, effectively vaporizing your concentrates. It can even spin terp balls within your banger for flavor vibrancy. And don’t forget you can also store your product easily in the jar component. Consolidating your tools is an awesome way to declutter and still have all of the things you need to streamline your smoking routine.

These simple purchases can make a huge difference in your daily life. You can shop any of these accessories and more from our online inventory or at any of our physical stores. Stop in or browse our website and get ready to amplify your lifestyle!