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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Old Water Pipe

Are you still using the same dusty water pipe you’ve had for years on a daily basis? It’s not that water pipes necessarily deteriorate over time, but after so many uses, - it might be time to consider an upgrade. Let’s say for example, there’s some caked on residue that just won’t come out, or the cartoon decal doesn’t really match your vibe anymore.

See what I mean?

It might not be a bad idea to explore some new options.

It might be time to upgrade!

So, if this is you, check out some of these water pipes that might fit you a little better now that you’ve grown.

Add Some Percolators

Using a pipe with percolation can be a game changer if your current pipe is without one. It filters the smoke as you pull it through the pipe, so get a cleaner and smoother hit every time. Plus, switching from a beaker to a straight tube can give you a certain sense of luxury! This straight tube from Medicali gives you both upgrades with its showerhead perc and 14 inch height. Check this one if you want an indulgent upgrade!

Grav Deco Beaker Water Pipe With Silicone Accents Clear Blue

Change Up The Material

Have you always wanted to try a silicone pipe, but aren’t quite sure if you can fully make the switch? Then your water pipe upgrade might benefit from this best of both worlds beaker from Grav. With its glass body and silicone accents, you get the same benefits of glass with a bit of the protection offered by silicone. Plus, it just looks cool. The design is a unique shape, making it a perfect upgrade to try something new.

Switch Your Tool Completely

If your itch for variety is strong, consider holding onto your trusty pipe and picking up a vape to add to your smoking toolkit. This Pulsar APX vape is perfect for dry material with its expanded ceramic heating chamber, heat-resistant mouthpiece, and 5 variable heat settings. Plus, it has funky psychedelic decals to give you the perfect vibe during use. Instead of switching out your piece, upgrade by making an addition!

When you’re ready to upgrade your water pipe or any other smoke gear that’s worn out over the years, you know where to find us! Check out our online inventory or stop in to any of our locations to browse our extensive collection of all kinds of glass, accessories and more. We can’t wait to have you!