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Pulsar Doubled Up Modular Water Pipe

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The Pulsar Doubled Up modular water pipe is made of quality borosilicate glass, completely disassembling for a satisfying modular design and super easy cleaning. Smoke is pulled through the fixed downstem into the disc percolator in the base chamber. Blooming flowers, fungi, and vines are thriving in this miniature oasis. An optional top chamber can be added, which holds a 12 arm tree percolator for smoke that's twice as smooth!

This versatile water pipe can do it all. Stack it all the way up and enjoy some major rips in a solo sesh, or plug the top and add the side mouthpieces for a smokin' showdown with your best bud. Swapping out these parts is simple and many different configurations are possible. The base chamber can accommodate 1 to 2 users simultaneously, while both chambers can be used by 1 or 3 users. For any connection joints not in use, compatible glass plugs are included. Multiple color accent options are available.


  • 18.5 inches (47cm) tall when fully assembled
  • Borosilicate glass water pipe
  • Modular, customizable build
  • Disc & 12 arm tree percolators
  • Flower & mushroom decorations
  • Two optional additional mouthpieces
  • Three joint plugs & matching optional plastic clips
  • Includes a 14mm male herb slide
  • Sold as assorted colors