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Chameleon Glass Rainbow Dichro Glass 3.75" Hand Pipe

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The Rainbow Dichro Glass Pipe is an Inside Out / Double Blown Spoon style pipe. Inside out technique works the interior of the base raw borosilicate tube to create depth and dimensionality of the chosen decoration.

The Rainbow Dichro Glass Pipe is decorated with two strips of Green Grass Dichro backed with Cobalt Blue. In between and next to the dichro are stringers made from the colors of the rainbow.

After decoration, the pipe is fully melted to maximize depth, dimensionality and durability. The inside is fumed with silver and flame baked into the glass. Silver fuming behind the dichro and stringers creates color change to blue and green. The pipe is finalized after shaping by adding a carb with three finger grip marbles on the opposing side.

You can’t tell unless you have a polariscope, but all Chameleon Glass is oven annealed at 1050 degrees Fahrenheit. Annealing eliminates residual stress created during fabrication. Annealing is a form of heat treatment completed for impact resistance and long life.

Hand Made in USA

Weight 3.8 oz
Dimensions 3.75 × 2 × 2 in